New BizTalk Server book

I received a new BizTalk book today. In some of my previous posts I mentioned a BizTalk book from APRESS, this one is published in May and from WROX. The authors are Darren Jefford, Kevin B. Smith and Ewan Fairweather. It’s a programmer to programmer book that will teach you:

  • How the BizTalk Engine works and how to develop effective pipeline components;
  • How to develop BizTalk orchestrations that achieve maximum performance;
  • Methods for using Business Activity Monitoring within your solution for enterprise-wide instrumentation;
  • How to utilize the rules engine within your solutions to produce quality and reliability;
  • Techniques for conducting performance and scalability tests to identify bottlenecks;
  • Ways to minimize the latency of your solution to meet challenging low latency requirements;
  • How system administrators can proactively manage and maintain mission-critical BizTalk solutions;
  • Features for BizTalk Server 2006 R2, such as the BAM Interceptor for Windows® Workflow.

  • It has some good reviews at amazon so I have high expectations. I will start reading it now …



    Johan said…
    I really like the book covers of these American books, with the authors fullblown on the cover. Not many Dutch writers do the same.
    Well I gotta tell ya, it is not an american book. Worx publishing is English, so are the authors.

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