Learning WCF

As you already probably know Visual Studio 2008 is heading our way. One of things you can do is build WCF services. This year I followed some sessions about WCF during VS Live in San Francisco. After those sessions I bought a book Windows Communication Foundation Unleashed and hoped to read it and start working and learning WCF. But no I did not come around to doing just that. Coming week before I go to Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference I finally have time to start reading and doing some WCF coding. I have a VS2008 Beta running on Windows 2003 Server R2 fully patched available on a Microsoft VPC 2007. All software I got through my company MSDN subscription. My WCF Book Library now consists of five books including the one I just mentioned. The other four books are:

  • O’Reilly - Bustamante – Learning WCF - 2007

  • O’Reilly – Lowly – Programming WCF Services -2007

  • Microsoft Press – Smith - Inside Windows Communication Foundation – 2007

  • SAMS – McMurty - Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Hands On – 2006

  • Besides the library and VPC I of course have the internet containing zillions of information around Microsoft and its technologies like WCF. Some of site’s I found are:

  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • .NET Framework Developer Center
  • Mike Taulty’s Blog

  • And there are many more. So I will start this coming week with reading of 2500 + pages, working through 100 + code Samples and browsing 40 + hours. I will work myself through WCF concepts, Contracts, Bindings, Hosting, Instancing and concurrency, reliability, security, exceptions and fault and so on. I will keep you posted with my experiences and progress.



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