Service virtualization with .NET and BizTalk Server

This afternoon today at Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference I went to a session about service virtualization with .NET and BizTalk Server done by William Oellermann and Raul Camacho. Both work for SOA Solutions Team at Microsoft Corporation. Their objective was to establish significance service virtualization in SOA implementation and demonstrate roles of .NET 3.0, SQL Server and BizTalk R2 in service virtualization. Takeaway eventually is to let the audience understand how. Speakers did a quick intro into the subject going through SOA versus service establishment, WSDL boundaries, and service virtualization and implementing it. Then they did a demonstration of the managed service engine that can be found on codeplex site. Sam Gentile already did a post about this among other things that happen here at the conference. This is pretty interesting stuff so check it out.


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