High Performance Learning Environment for BizTalk Part III - Tooling

First step for High Performance Learning environment lasted two days in total, setting up OS, AD, SQL Server, BizTalk Server en SCOM. Next step is install tooling, one is of course VS 2005 to be able to develop BizTalk artifacts like orchestrations, pipelines, maps and schema’s. For alignment of BizTalk Server R2 to align with VS 2008 you have to wait until R3, that integrates with not only VS 2008 but also SQL Server 2008 and Windows OS 2008. Besides VS 2005 the following tooling from CodePlex and other resources are installed in the environment:

* BizTalk Solution Factory;
* Pipeline Testing Tool;
* BizUnit;
* BizUnitDesigner;
* Enterprise Library 3.1 May 2007;
* Log4Net;
* Code Style Enforcer;
* BizTalk Deployment Framework;
* Orchestration Profiler;
* MapCop;
* BizTalk Server Pattern Wizard.

This tooling will be helpful during the following steps in High Performance Learning Developing Solutions, testing and deploying. Most of you people will found their way in CodePlex, so there is not much I can add here. In some of my previous posts I have mention and explained some the tools mentioned above.



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