High Performance Learning Environment for BizTalk Part IVa - Developing Solutions

A couple of weeks ago Jean-Paul Smit released BizTalk Software Factory V1.5. I myself want to start with next part of my High Performance Learning Environment for BizTalk i.e. development. This factory is useful if you want to start developing BizTalk solutions. In a previous post I already described the previous version of the BizTalk Software Factory. This version has improved a lot and there are features in them like unit tests. Besides developing your solutions testing is very important to eventually end up with a robust solution. I downloaded new BizTalk Server Factory and installed it on my virtual machine (I first had to uninstall the previous version). I then opened up VS2005 and started a new project; type BizTalk Software Factory Solution. I created a snk file and created a BizTalk Solution with all options. I noticed that a couple of solutions were generated and even unit tests.

I then found out biztunit and nunit were not properly installed or installed at all. So I had to fix that. This release of BizTalk Server Factory BizUnit 2.2 and nUnit 2.4.7 are needed, so I download and installed them. Note here that you have to clearly monitor your environment about versions of tooling sitting on your machine. Finally I build the complete solution with all the projects and it succeeded. Now of course the fun starts by developing a solution, deploy it and test it. In following posts I will go through the complete process.



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