Microsoft Hotfix BizTalk Server 2009/VS 2008

I am currently quite active on BizTalk forums and must say it is a great experience for me helping out people in field. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to share some of experience and knowlegde around BizTalk Server and integration. You see some people having difficulties around VS 2008 and BizTalk Server 2009: like broken schema references. There is a hotfix out that will, I quote:

“On a computer that is running Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009, you use Microsoft Visual Studio to develop a BizTalk application. In your BizTalk project, you add a reference to another BizTalk project. In this scenario, you may see the following behavior:

  • The orchestrations in the referenced BizTalk project may show compiler warnings.
  • The changes that are made to the referenced BizTalk project are not propagated on to the referencing project.
  • When you edit the orchestrations of the referenced project, XLANG errors are thrown. These errors may disappear after the orchestrations are saved and recompiled.
  • After you deploy the referencing project, the local copies of the referenced project’s binaries are deleted.
  • After you deploy the referencing project, various errors or warnings occur in Orchestration Designer.”

belong to the past. You will need to send request to Microsoft to download it. Once you have it you can apply it on your machine. Extract hotfix zipfile type in password Microsoft has sent via email (with download link).Apply hotfix

You can check if has applied it by going to file directory of Microsoft.visualstudio.biztalkproject.dll (see screen below).

Apply hotfix 2

Hopefully this hotfix will give BizTalk Developers less pain and make them more productive.



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