BizTalk Server MVP 2011

Just now I have received an e-mail from Microsoft with exciting news that I’ve been re-awarded the MVP title.


For me this is the second time to receive this award. The first year has been an tremendous experience, which gave me the opportunity to do great things and meet inspiring and very skilled people.

I would like to thank:
- my MVP leads William Jansen 
- Ed Hickey and all other Microsoft employees involved
- people at Ordina Netherlands and Bert van de Belt in particular for all his support
- fellow MVP's Randal, Saravana, Richard, Kent, Stephen, Alan, Mikael, Johan, Oliver, Thiago, Ben, Jon, Jeffrey and Sandro, who I got learn better and supported and helped me out in this program
- and finally my wife and children Stan, Ellis and Cato for their support

I’m looking forward to another year in the program.


Richard said…
Congrats! You've made a big impact in the tech community.
Sandro Pereita said…
Congratulations Steef-Jan, you have been doing a great job!
Well done and congratulations! The fruit of your labor is sweet, and I must say you deserve it.

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