BizTalk User Group Sweden : My debut as International Speaker

Next week a new BizTalk User Group Meeting in Sweden is scheduled with two sessions:

  • A Lap Around BizTalk Adapter Pack
  • A Lap Around BizTalk360

The first session will be done by me and it will be first time I will do a session in English in another country. The other session is done by Saravana on BizTalk360. It will be second time both me and Saravana will share the same stage. Last time was June this year for the Dutch BizTalk User Group.

There are still seats left for this event, so if you want you can attend; it is in Stockholm and I expect many if it not all from Sweden. My session will be talk about BizTalk Adapter Pack, its evolution how it became the pack that is shipped along with BizTalk 2010, its origin, alignment with Microsoft Platform, Cloud and an integration scenario with Oracle. Saravana will take you through his BizTalk360 product showing a lot of its capabilities and how you can leverage them in a BizTalk production environment.

For those who will attend I am looking forward to meet you and present my story on the BizTalk Adapter Pack. Thanks Johan, Mikael and Microsoft Sweden for inviting me and hosting the event.



Kent Weare said…
I hope to add Canada as another country that you have presented to in February.
That is the next one of the list. I have to get approval for summit and go via Calgary.
Anonymous said…
Steef-Jan Wiggers,


I love your work on TechNet Wiki, and I'd like it if you would be a guest blogger on our TechNet Wiki blog we're starting. Please email me: edprice at Microsoft.



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