My First Ten TechNet Wiki Articles on BizTalk


Last couple of week I written a few wiki article for TechNet Wiki a place, where content is generated by community about Microsoft technologies for the community. I very much like the concept and glad I was able to contribute (see my interview on Wiki). Below you will find a list of my ten completed wiki articles on BizTalk:

  • First the featured article BizTalk Server 2010 and discusses BizTalk and shows all resource on its features.
  • Second a list on all available BizTalk Server 2010 community tools in BizTalk Server 2010 – Tools.
  • Third article is on BizTalk Server 2010 Adapter Pack an enhancement of previous adapter pack 2.0.
  • Fourth article is a short overview on BizTalk Server 2010 and created before I written complete article on BizTalk and its features.
  • Fifth article on BizTalk databases as a survival type of article listing all relevant resources on how to maintain healthy BizTalk environment with focus on BizTalk databases.
  • Subsequently I written another article listing resources for recovery of BizTalk itself not its databases, but this article goes hand in hand with the previous fifth article.
  • Seventh article is a BizTalk beginners guide listing all resources for a beginner and a little outline how he/she should proceed.
  • Subsequently I also written a preparation guide for 70-595 exam that can be read in conjunction with beginners guide.
  • Ninth article talks about monitoring tools for BizTalk and lists all alternatives to SCOM.
  • Final tenth article is a collection of resources for BAM and is again a survival type of article.

I hope you will find these articles useful and feel free to edit them (correct, add, enhance) as that is intention of wiki’s. I will be working on next couple of articles in near future, which will be more in depth BizTalk ones.



Walter Michel said…
I've read a couple of your articles. Looks like some very useful stuff. Good job!
I really admire your contributions to the community Steef-Jan. People like you build this community and provide fast and good information accessible for anyone. Keep up the good work, and remember that you do help many with your wiki articles and blog post (and of course the BizTalk forums)

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