WhitePaper on Microsoft Integration Architecture: Now and the Future

Recently fellow BizTalk MVP Gijs in ‘t Veld asked me to review his whitepaper “Guidance for integration architecture on the Microsoft Business Platform”, which is now available.
I definitely recommend every BizTalk professional to read this and/or let his or her manager read it. The paper gives the reader the most up-to-date facts on the availability and roadmap of Microsoft integration products and it provides you with high level guidance on how to design future proof integration solutions with Microsoft technology, including BizTalk Server and Azure Service Bus.
In my view it tells the story on where integration with Microsoft technology is heading and will provide you with a clear view where to invest in now as a BizTalk professional and in the future. For your manager, management and/or client you can now provide a clear story on where Microsoft integration platform is heading. Finally architects will have the ability to create a future proof architecture with guidance provided in this whitepaper.

Thanks Gijs for letting me have the opportunity to review this excellent, well written whitepaper.

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