Microsoft's ESB Guidance : its finally there !!!

Last week I received the ESB Guidance package from Microsoft 'The Netherlands'. Since my company is a Microsoft gold partner in the business process & integration (BPI) space I was able to get my hands on it. I got a VPC image with all the binaries installed on them (ESB Core, ESB Client, ESB Services, ESB Portal Framework, Exception handling, namespace resolution pipeline component and Java Messaging Service) together with a user guide.

For enabling a SOA one needs an infrastructure, which the service bus can provide. There are some vendor's already in this space like Sonic (one of the first ESB product vendors, IBM, webMethods). Now Microsoft has stepped in by not selling a product, but by using a toolset (BizTalk) and Web Services (build with .NET). The picture below gives a schematic overview of the Microsoft ESB.

To get your hands on the toolkit one can ask questions by sending an email to and be sure one is a Microsoft Partner in de BPI Competency. Other info about this toolkit can be found by the following URL's:

I will be toying with the toolkit the coming weeks and try to figure out it's implementation.