Blogging for half a year !!!!

I have been blogging for almost half a year now. Did I say (blog) allot about SOA, not really actually. I am going to, well that depends a little on the projects I am getting. I am working for my current company for a year now and I only got integration projects so far; letting system A or application A talk to system B or application B. These jobs were fun to do and had some interesting challenges in them, but no SOA. Hopefully I will get a project concerning SOA in the future. I also haven't spread a lot of thoughts about SOA on this blog, but I am planning to do this in the near future. I can finally honor the title of my blog, because now it tends to be turning a little bit into a BizTalk blog. That said lets look into the future of this blog. Blogging is fun that my experience so far, but I want to get more serious in placing content. Ok that’s it for now. Back to my current new project concerning yet again application integration with BizTalk; connecting Oracle eBusiness Suite with other application in an Enterprise. Another EAI challenge!!!!!