Integration Master Class Experience

Bit late to share my experience during the integration master class given by Microsoft consultants, but here it is. The master class took two days and the information shared was good. Three Microsoft consultants went through integration in general with their pallet of products and technologies like SQL Server Integration Service, BizTalk, WCF, WinWF, SQL Broker, WSE, ASMX, .Net Remoting and Host Integration Server. With this in your let’s say toolbox or kit one can face the integration challenge the Microsoft way. A demo was shown using WCF, MSMQ, SQL Replication, SSIS and BizTalk.

From general view they went on down the BizTalk path and talked about:

• Design lessons learned BizTalk Scenario’s;
• Developing effective BizTalk Server Solutions;
• Deployment And Operations of BizTalk Server Solutions;
• Future Developments;
• Integration Project Recommendations.

Information shared was good and brought in a proper context: Integration. Ok well that’s all I like to share for now, next stop VSLive! San Francisco.

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