VS Live San Francisco 2007 .NET Focus Day 2

Well second day at VS Live in San-Francisco. Today met some interesting guys from my home country Holland working for Bergson. So that's nice and there are excellent people, so I am not lonely. Oke .Net Focus day bringing us a chat from Prashant Sridharan about Vista, 2007 Office system and Asp.net AJAX with a great demo about Fabrikam (haven't we heard or seen that one before) using Exhange 2007, SharePoint 2007 and WPF. Top notch. This talk was followed with a Vista feature talk not very interesting, with a speaker who messed everything up big time. This guy did a similar job later on that day about Vista for managed code. After this session the talks improved a lot, see blog Jan van de Pol . So I don't have to repeat it here.