Services everywhere

Here you see me at gravity bar at 7th floor of the Guinness storehouse in Dublin. I spent a weekend with my wife and friends in Ireland (see other picture below). Besides Dublin I have been in Malahide, Lusk, Rush, Howth, Powercourt Waterfall and Glendaloch. I visited a couple of bars including the gravity bar and drank a lot of Guinness (one of my favorite's stouts). Yesterday evening I returned home again and was thinking that before this trip I used a couple of services like booking a flight and a hotel room. During the trip I used credit card to pay for tickets, meals and drink (there are a couple of services behind the transaction too). When I came home I ordered a pizza online that was brought to my home later on. Another of couple services used here. As so see a lot of things around use are services. If you ever thinking of going to Ireland start off with Guiness storehouse, a good experience and nice taste of Guinness at the top Gravity bar with a nice view over Dublin City. Then dive into town and visit Trinity College, Stephen's Green and Temple Bar for a drink. And if you have got the time drive around the surrounding of Dublin and enjoy the nice country side.