BizTalk Testing

Next session after service virtualization was about BizTalk testing. This session was done by Darren Jefford one of the author of Professional BizTalk Book, see one of my previous post. Some of the highlights (practices) or blurts from this session:

- test, do not forget that
- think about test overload scenarios
- test early, often
- look at performance
- identiy bottlenecks
- know patterns or anti-patterns (one you might find out yourself)
- look at latency (low is possible trough certain patterns)
- depends on customer scenario (requirements for solution)
- throttling
- environment
- Automate Test Format BizUnit,LoadGen, MSTest; So look at these tools See my previous post -->
- checklist for instance virus scanner, unc file paths, message tracking, hardware sql server and disk, look virtual machines, no performance tests on workstation hardware --> OTAP !!!!
- testplan, reports, automate test process, regression testing
- logs and data files seperated !!!
- configure web service calls in config
- perfmon counters (use excel spreadsheet)
- vs_profiler attach to process (incedible tool)
- code coverage
- Look at Codeplex for BizUnit, (Use Case --> Write Test --> BizUnit)
- Test everything in your solution, not just BizTalk solution like orchestration but also things that get called like web services and so on
- orchestration profiler (code coverage for your orchestration)
- LoadGen ; throw away custom test harnessess !!!!
- In Box Throttle Monitor: SQl-Spool, Perfmon....

Most of the testing tools most of you all already know or have experience with. On codeplex or darren jeffords blog. So check it out.