Connection in the cloud : BizTalk Services & WCF

Last session of today was around BizTalk Services aka Internet Service Bus as I learned today. Justin Smith did his talk with the following objectives:

- Intro BizTalk Services
- Service messaging options
- Introduce BizTalk API

And takeaways from this session are:

- Provide generic, secure connection
- Lowers bar for next gen development
- Incubation technology in this point

CTP is here now

Some of my notes during the session:

- BizTalk Services != BizTalk Server
- BizTalk Services is an incarnation of the Internet Service Bus (new Buzzword coming up)
- Dilemma's expose services broadly, identity and access control silos, interop to heterogeneous environment
- Services hosted by Microsoft: pub/sub mechanism, discoverability, http/rest interpertation, standard security based
- create account, download and install BizTalk Services SDK (compliant to .net fx 3.0 and 3.5)

- Demo BizTalk Services 101

- why: Software+Services (oslo), feedback regarding pub/sub, open door for applications
- all kinds of scenarios, consumer, enterprise, ect..
-;, workflow will come; gross anatomny
- pub/sub via uri's : biztalk services (cloud)
- feeds as discovery
- ws-addressing
- Security: CardSpace or usrname/psw
- RelayBindingType

- Demo federated pictures

Very good session and some good demoes, so check it out.


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