Last Master class Leap : Knowledge Worker

This week the last LEAP master class in Holland, before all LEAP attendees will go to Microsoft campus in Redmond for the final master classes. Coming master class is about the knowledge worker, hot topic.

People Ready Business

From day one Microsoft has put the user, the people at the center of IT. More specifically software is supposed to support people in garner insight, make decisions, close deals, invent new products or services and find new efficiencies. It is people, not systems that do these things within companies. Information around Microsoft’s vision can be found at their site and in this whitepaper.

New World of Work

Microsoft translates upcoming trends that influence the way we conduct our work – the vision part – into software strategies that help people cope with these trends – the strategy part. In the new world of work two subjects will become apparent: Enterprise Information Management and Unified Communication.

Related subjects like collaboration, enterprise content management and Office Business Applications will be discussed as well during this master class.
Hopefully it will be as interesting as all the previous classes.