Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference 2007 Recap

I am home after a good week of conference in Redmond and some sightseeing. This year’s Microsoft and BP Conference was a good one with a focus on BizTalk, but more on SOA itself like Governance, Business & IT agility, Anti-Patterns and business cases. Conference kicked off with keynote session, where OSLO was announced. Since it was announced a lot of attention in blogosphere was noticeable. I attended a lot of session during the conference and here is an overview of them:

* Increasing Business & IT agility with SOA & Microsoft – Kris Horrocks (Microsoft)
* Flexible Governance Infrastructure – Frank Martinez (SOA Software)
* BizTalk Adapters for WCF: Deep Dive – Aaron Skonnard (Pluralsight)
* Best Practices for Creating Composite Activities – Matt Milner (Pluralsight)
* Service Virtualization with .NET & BizTalk Server – William Oellerman, Raul Camacho (Microsoft)
* How everyone should test their BizTalk based solutions – Darren Jefford (Microsoft)
* Connections in the Cloud: BizTalk Services & WCF – Justin Smith (Microsoft)* Robust Error Handling for BizTalk Solutions – Matt Meleski (ObjectSharp)* Building Worklow Powered Services in .NET 3.5 – Matt Winkler (Microsoft)
* Architecture of the Microsoft ESB Guidance – Marty Wasznicky (Microsoft)
* Identifying & avoiding common anti-patterns in your service oriented architecture solutions – John Callaway (Quicklearn)
* Modeling & Compositions – Steve Swartz, Clemens Vasters (Microsoft)
* Advanced Orchestration Concepts & Best Practices – Stephen W. Thomas
* Driving Successful SOA Platform Conversations with Microsoft Customer Engagement Solutions – Roman Ponte, Andrew Benson (Microsoft)(if one is a microsoft partner, SOA resources can be found through Microsoft Partner Program)
* Building Solutions with the Microsoft ESB Guidance - Marty Wasznicky (Microsoft)

As you see it is a total of 15 sessions followed and with a bulk of information to digest. So coming weeks I have a lot do to follow up on all the information like reading, experimenting and learning the ropes. By following some of the links provided one can read or download presentations and/or demos.


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