Robust Error Handling in BizTalk Server Solutions

Third day of Microsoft SOA and BP Conference stared off for me with a session about robust error handling for BizTalk Server solutions by Matt Meleski. He did a general discussion first before he started some demos around error handling relying on Message Box and BizTalk framework or failed message routing to file share or SharePoint. These first demos involved error handling in BizTalk server solutions were errors could occur in places like receive location, receive pipeline, messaging failures, maps, send pipeline, send adapter. Errors were handled by using MOM or failed message routing.

Last demo he did were around errors occurring inside an orchestration and handled through compensation or scopes. Why should there be error handling inside a BizTalk Server solution, because it is something that cannot be ignored and should be planned up front. There are some resources out there in the world to achieve robust error handling like tools, books, sites and blogs.