My MOSS 2007 Experience

Last week I received a new laptop from my employer Inter Access. It’s Lenovo T61 with a dual core processor, 4Gb and 160 Gb Disk. It has Vista Enterprise installed on it, so I can finally work with Vista with a performing laptop. Focus today at Inter Access is SOA and High Performance Workplace. I am more involved in the SOA part than the other and have done a lot inside this area if you look at blog posts the last 15 months or so. One of the first things I have done on my new laptop is setting up VPC 2007 and created an image on it with MOSS 2007. Why, well MOSS is a part of Microsoft SOA software stack as I mention in post SOA with BizTalk.

What I did was I installed Windows 2003 Server R2 with SP2 first, then I installed the virtual machine additions. After these initial installations I fully patched the server and added a few server roles like Application Server, Mail Server, Domain Controller and DNS. This all went smoothly and next thing I did was installing SQL Server 2005 Enterprise. I then downloaded .net framework 3.0 and installed this too. Finally I installed MOSS 2007 enterprise. and configured it. Picture below displays were I reached with it so far.

As one can see I still have a couple of things to do, but I can tell you setting this up was easy and did take not long at all. I let you know how this will end.


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