Enterprise Information Integration ?

I recently got in touch with Nilay Parikh through linkedin and he did a excellent post this week about Enterprise Information Integration (EII). Why is it good? Well I was not yet familiar with it, so having someone explaining it in context with other E-technologies (EAI, ETL) and a Microsoft product like BizTalk Server is great. I do not yet have a good insight in this material, but I have found some more background information.

There is a column written a few years ago by JT Taylor for DMReview.com, Wikipedia (so I not going to create or figure out my own definition of what it is), article at ebiz done by Beth Gold-Bernstein, and Computerworld article by Russell Kay. Also there is a book by JP Morgenthal called ‘Enterprise Information Integration: A Pragmatic Approach’.

This is just something I liked to share and gives me more pressure to start to look into this and see if I can learn a new way to use BizTalk in let’s say an EII solution.


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