Mass Copy Functiod Challenge

Today my BizTalk buddy Wouter Crooy had a problem with mass copy functiod he used inside his orchestration with a certain mapping. His mapping worked on development machine and development server, but failed to do so in test environment. Development and test were not exactly to same (it missed some patches for msxml and so on). He made an effort to get them equal, but still it did not work. So it became finding a needle in a haystack to find out what the exact problem was since he could not get it working. So what now? I suggested to use inline script instead of mass copy to achieve to same manner of mapping (he wanted to mass copy a any element).

One can use the Mass Copy functoid () to recursively copy all data in an input instance message, to arbitrary depth, that corresponds to a specified node in the source schema to the position in an output instance message that is specified by the output link. One can also use inline xslt like in case you like to mimic mass copy for any element.

or if you do know what you like to copy (custom)

The latter one creates more work, but gives more flexibility what you do or do not want to copy inside an element. There is another post around mass copy or not that has been posted two month's back you can check also.


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