Returning to Inter Access

Last week I have returned to my old employer Inter Access (IA). I had a rather short career at Getronics PinkRoccade (GPR). It was not what I expected to be at GPR, but I was not entirely comfortable in the situation I ended up. Well that can happen and so I returned to IA, where they gave a warm welcome back. Today I participated in their new spring campaign for recruitment of new future employees. I did a commercial shot together with Bettina Witteveen and Yuri Versluis. It was exciting and I was but nervous too. I must say I have great admiration now for who stand before camera’s like actors, interviewers and so. It is hard to perform in front of camera’s, but we pulled it off.

I started working again for some clients of IA, one concerning an implementation of an ESB and one consulting and advising on BizTalk solutions. So I instantly started working again doing interesting stuff. Now I am preparing to go on a two week vacation to Como Italy together with my family. After this vacation I will continue my work and join IA SOA Architect team working out some new market strategies and solution market combinations. I must say I am very happy to be back at IA and I hopefully my career will get an new impulse.