Social Networking Rocks

During my holiday in Como Italy I read two book from Havard Business School Press. One called ‘Thinking for a Living’ by Thomas H. Davenport and ‘Future of Work’ by Thomas W. Malone. Both very interesting books and I enjoyed reading them. Especially ‘ Thinking for a Living’ that I and all IT people do these days, our brain provides a living. Cool, because during my years a student I did a lot of hard labor, where not much thinking was involved. Those days I was very slim and athletic though, compared to now having a little overweight and no hair (probably lost doing a lot of thinking). Thing is according to Davenport knowledge workers (IT people included) can be highly productive if one has a large and diverse network (like for instance work, family or social one like Linkedin), have a lot of ties inside and outside of their company, learn through not only people, but also work experience, and finally juggle a lot of information inside their heads. I am I a productive knowledge worker; according to previous things I mentioned I am. I just place a question on Linkedin and got answers within ten minutes and answer another one too. What I am trying so say with all of this is that social networking makes one a more productive knowledge worker and creates the ability to help one another out. So therefore I think social networking rocks and not only with reason mentioned above.