OLSO is coming to us

Wandering around in the blogosphere I stumbled on a announcement that the first three components of OSLO, model driven connected-systems development initiative of Microsoft will be made available during Microsoft Professional Developers Conference(PDC) this October. I hope I will be able to attend this event and witness it all. Components made available are:

* Modeling tool
* Repository
* Declarative programming language.

"The models will maintain deployment information such as system resources allocated for an application and information about the corresponding service level agreements. The modeling tool will be a graphical tool for building any kind of application. You'll be able to leverage the schema design in Visual Studio and BizTalk." (I see BizTalk here so that will be definitely interesting for us BizTalk pro’s).

Plans to support Unified Modeling Language (UML) were announced for inclusion in Visual Studio Team System release code named Rosario.

The declarative programming language makes it easier to customize applications and reuse the code needed for applications.

The repository, based on SQL Server, will provide a single view of an application across different products, such as Visual Studio Team System application lifecycle management (ALM) platform, System Center, and BizTalk.

General release dates have not been announced. You can try out an early version of Rosario by downloading the VPC of the April 2008 technology preview CTP) from Visual Studio® Team System Code Name "Rosario" April 2008 CTP (VPC Image)."

This is something to look forward too. During SOA and BPM Conference last year I witnessed the announcement of OSLO, so being there during the follow up at PDC would be fun.


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