Wandering through BizTalk land

As I wander through BizTalk land I find more and more interesting stuff, when I read other people’s BizTalk blog. There more people, smart people blogging about BizTalk as I found out. This product has major capabilities and is gaining a lot popularity over last couple of years. I am just contributing a tiny bit by blogging with my experience with the product together with my interest in service orientation (and architecture). Things I came across this week was Richard Seroter’s post about new BizTalk performance and Whitepapers., which lead me to a blog (a very interesting one) for BizTalk Engineers. Pipeline testing tool by Thomas Restrepo. Repeating nodes in XML Document found at connected thoughts, another great blog I also added to my blogroll. A post about BizUnit and more interesting BizTalk Solution Factory by Santosh Benjamin. I could go one for while mention just things I discovered it just amazes me that is a lot out there. This is good, very good indeed because it keeps me going and do interesting, exciting and challenging things with BizTalk. Thanks to all BizTalk bloggers out there besides the ones mention here.