Some more OSLO

Microsoft OSLO is getting more attention as PDC 2008 is approaching. In eWeek there is a new article published about 'The Origins of Microsoft's Oslo Software Modeling Platform'. Santosh Benjamin already posted some great comments on that article. But there is more look at article published on PDF zone called 'Microsoft's Oslo Helps Non-Programmers Build Data-Centric Apps', which essentially refers back to article I just mentioned. If you wondering what Don Box is doing, well he is working on Oslo. On 27 October Douglas Purdy will reveal OSLO at the PDC with his team. So there the real journey will start. There is even more posted on eWeek, Oslo: How 'Easy'is Easy? So just a few weeks before everything will be made clear to us, a lot of attention is created. In just a couple of minutes I dug this information up to see if there is some more news, information about OSLO. And that is indeed the fact, but it is not much and will just have to wait until 27th October during the PDC.


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