On Mike Breeze blog I noticed two posted about last TechEd08 about building RFID solutions with BizTalk and Getting Workflows Running and talking in Your Applications. First one I could not much with since I do not have an environment with BizTalk running together with RFID the another one was for me more interesting. The slide deck and code could be downloaded. I tried out the examples on my VS2008 virtual environment. The samples are around the presentation demoing different aspects of hosting and running workflows (WCF based, .NET 3.5, Tracking, FilePersistence, Obtaining Metadata etc). I downloaded the samples, unzipped them and started the solution. I did get an error concerning Microsoft Office; on this virtual machine no office was installed so that explains the error. On project called WordDesignerRehosting need Microsoft Office. I set BasicWorkflow project as startup project and started instance.

I tried out sample running a toss coin. Nice, I am going to try out the other samples/demo’s as well to see some more WF in action.