M at PDC

I ran into Shoshanna Budzianowski today at PDC. She and I hooked through linked in after a post about OSLO months ago. She is Product Unit Manager, Repository and Modeling at Microsoft Corporation and involved in M. We had a nice talk not just about M, but also kids and so on. She also introduced me to Don Box who even autographed a OLSO Model Language book for me. I have got two copies now of the book, so if anybody not attending PDC is interested I will send it to you. I been to a couple of OSLO sessions now and I got to tell you it is awesome. You can see sessions about on channel 9 and PDC. Tonight I am going with some BizTalk People and Microsoft Netherlands (thanks Michiel Rozema) to LA Lakers game againt LA Clippers. I leave my colleague Edward behind at 'Ask The Experts'.