Microsoft 2.0 continued

Yesterday I received Microsoft 2.0 book by Mary Jo Foley. I have already read half the book by now and I do not think it will be the book be reading on my way to LA. Book starts a bit slow on why it was written and she was not able to talk to big shots at Microsoft like Ray Ozzie, Steve Ballmer and so on about which way Microsoft I heading in the future. After first pages it started to get interesting and I liked bits about people inside Microsoft, one in charge mainly and why for instance Ray came on board. A lot of information has already made available on the web through her blog or sources like businessweek, eweek, Microsoft (presspass) and blogs at zdnet. It is a good read to get to know Microsoft better and I think people not living close to Redmond or abroad and read (local)news, zdnet, eweek it is an eye opener. For me at least I know some background now about Bob Muglia, Steven Sinofsky and Rick Rashid and their role inside Microsoft.