Writers Award

Yesterday I have received the Inter Access Writers Award from our new CEO Michel de Meijer during Christmas drink. I was very happy to be recognized as a writer and to be able to making the brand Inter Access stronger in the Dutch press. I have written a couple of articles in Software Release Magazine and Software Development Network. Article involved BizTalk, Internet Service Bus (BizTalk Services now appropiately named .NET Services), Enterprise Service Bus (Microsoft ESB Guidance), WCF and integration with SharePoint (Business Case). Besides the article I did a number of blog posts this year and became member of Computable SaaS topic expert panel. This award really made proud and is an recognition for all of my writing efforts. Year 2008 has been a wonderful year with LEAP last January, PDC 2008, articles, blogging, projects and working with colleagues like Edward, Johan, Diederik, Paul, Rogier, Edwin, Kees, Martijn, Hugo, Jan-Hugo, Eli, Marcel, Marco, Martin, Joseph, Eveline, Arie, Patrick, Yuri, Rogier, Willem, Gertjan and Andries (hopefully I left nobody out). I am in debt to some people of marketing and communication who helped me a lot and are doing great things to promote the company. Thanks Ted, Lindy, Esther and Hans.