Integration Solution : BizTalk Server 2009

There is an need for an Application Server and Integration Server in SOA space. First basic what is word integrate mean:


Content for talk today is why? (challenges: what will BizTalk solve), What? (Scenario’s capabilities), Who? and What’s new” (Now BizTalk 2009 and future); and Why is it important? Talk is focused to more with BizTalk! Landscape is changing, domain EAI is not new, where to unify systems and share data. Historic time line is displayed below:


BizTalk plays a role in latter to. What does BizTalk solve?


Summarized in IT Business Challenges.


In the big picture it comes down to real world SOA. So it is people (consumers) and technology (supply data) to compositions (offer functionality).


Common scenario’s for BizTalk are displayed below.


BizTalk Server Workloads divided in six types (what can be done with BizTalk).


Customer video Oncology Hematology Associates (Electronic Patient Dossier); Good video something for Dutch Health Care Secretary to convince them to make this happen (in The Netherlands a lot of discussion going on of doing this or not; privacy is a big issue!).

Ok what’s new in BizTalk Server 2009 and beyond! First previous BizTalk Server versions were discussed; continuous release every two year (except for alignment with Visual Studio :() What are the enhancement? It is divided in four area’s.


BizTalk is now like c# project. So BizTalk projects now in Visual Studio is aligned to c# project type of development in conjunction with VSTS and TFS. Application LifeCycle Management will now apply also on BizTalk projects.


At the end there was a demo of BizTalk Server 2009 (Retailer scenario: Contoso :)). Finally why now BizTalk? You will get more out of the product, automate to reduce cost and error, innovation (competition), integrate to eliminate redundancy, and provide tighter compliance. Good talk and overview, commercial based tough and not much demo (at least things one with a CTP has not seen already or done).


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