I Yammer

yammer_logo_small I haven’t talk much lately on my blog about Web 2.0. Recently my company has introduced Yammer into its organization. I never heard about the tool, but it seems to be a twitter clone intended for usage inside an organization. I looked it up with google and found this on wikipedia:

Yammer is a microblogging service launched in September 2008. Like Twitter, it allows users to post updates of their activities, follow others' updates, tag content, and create memes. Unlike Twitter, Yammer focuses on businesses, and only individuals with the same corporate email address can join a given network. (source wikipedia)

Today I joined Yammer and start using it (even installed an application like Tweeterdeck on my machine :)). So if like to know more or use it inside your organization check it out. I think if you like me for instance working for an system integrator and are working with a lot of customers and not so much inside your office(s) it interesting to see/hear/read what is happening (going on). Also if you work a rather large organization it could be interesting to see what is going in other departments. I could probably think like you (reader) of more scenario’s why Yammer could be useful or not. I have just started so I will see how things will turn out and evolve in the future.