BizTalk OTAP: Wait for BizTalk 2009?

I am facing a new challenge in deploying an OTAP within two organizations or at least a case, where customer is asking itself about which version for an complete OTAP environment. Question here is should a customer wait until BizTalk 2009 is released or deploy an OTAP now based on BizTalk Server 2006 R2. In my opinion it depends on the situation the customer is in. If OTAP is necessary in a certain program, where an OTAP of BizTalk is required to continue for instance an implementation of SOA (dependency on BizTalk where progress needs to be made on complete program). In case of an green field situation or startup of a program one can wait or start with Beta (through TAP). But I also feel that there are just to many factors to determine what the best solution is: wait or deploy now and start developing solutions? Through this post I hope I will receive some comments (commenting can be done anonymous, no authentication is required), what best way to go is :)