Patterns, patterns, patterns

Today I attended two architecture session at Software Development Event (SDE) from Software Development Network (SDN) in Driebergen (Netherlands). First session by Dennis Doomen was Design Patterns applied in the field (through experience). Perhaps you noticed that our work as a developer today is filled by so-called Design Patterns. Think of patterns such as Model-View-Presenter, Dependency Injection, Fluent Interfaces, Factories and Domain Modeling. Even Microsoft is bringing them up now with ASP.NET MVC, which means Model View Controller. If you want to know more about patterns you can the books of Eric Gamma or Martin Fowler, but chance is that you might fall asleep after the first page. In his session Dennis talks about patterns he uses in his daily job. His PowerPoint and code can be downloaded from his blog. Second session by Pieter de Bruin was around application architecture guidance. Microsoft  launched a new version of Application Architecture Guide in January: a document to use when you are setting up. NET applications. His talk (and the document) focuses on the most common types of applications, partitioning application functionality into layers, components, and services, and walks through their key design characteristics.This guide is a collaborative effort between patterns & practices, product teams, and industry experts. There you go patterns!!! If I think of BizTalk and application or SOA in general there are patterns to. Martin Fowler wrote a book about enterprise integration patterns (and there is a site too) and Thomas Erl recently written a book that is out now called SOA Patterns. Patterns are important and useful in any kind of creating software solution being user interface, service, messaging, database, and so on.


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