New BizTalk Server 2009 Book


I have bought the eBook and hardcopy at Packt Publishing site of Richard Seroters new book called SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2009. This book specifically shows how to map service-oriented principles and patterns to the BizTalk product. It is a technical resource for professionals looking to implement service-oriented patterns while exposing new services or consuming existing ones. How BizTalk Server works with new WCF Service model will be covered amongst other topics like BizTalk Engine to build asynchronous processes and reusable orchestrations. First three chapters will introduce reader to BizTalk and WCF. These chapters serve as a base for latter chapters that helps one with designing and applying increasingly complex patterns and scenarios. There is also some source code belonging to this book that can be downloaded. I have started with reading the book and will try code out on my BizTalk Server 2009 VPC.


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