WCF 4.0

Spring holiday is over and it is back to work. There is a new challenge awaiting for me involving IBM Maximo, WCF, MSMQ and BizTalk. Speaking of WCF there are changes and I see some postings about WCF 4.0. At PDC last year there were some talks around WCF 4.0. The discussions completely by-passed me, but I have a new chance to get up to speed. End of May DevDays 2009 will take place and I am  able to attend. Some sessions from for instance Aaron Skonnard are about WCF 4.0. Also I will attend preconference session of a complete day called “Introduction to WCF and WF 4.0 and "Dublin"” by Matt Milner. Since WCF as technology plays an essential role inside BizTalk Platform it is mandatory in my view to have experience, knowledge and understanding of it.


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