BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0: SQL Adapter

BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 Eval has been released a while ago. This adapter enables you to send and receive messages to and from a line-of-business (LOB) system. The primary design goal of adapters is to facilitate the exchange of business documents between trading partners or systems inside your enterprise. The adapters provide the following advantages to clients:

Supported Operating Systems:

I have a new VM-machine using VMWare worksation on my new Pavalion QuadCore Desktop PC (x64) at home with 8Gb RAM. My VM Machine has 2 Gb Ram and 2 CPU assigned to it. On Machine there is Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition SP2, SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition, VS 2008 Team Edition SP1 and BizTalk Server 2009. I wanted to try out this adapter pack, after having a discussion with Richard a while ago. Do not forget to download and install WCF SDK SP2 first.  Procedure I created is shown below:

Next thing I did was creating a Windows application with Visual Studio. I created a form with one textbox for NationalIDNumber. It looks like this:


To make it work with data from SQL Server I opened up add adapter service reference and selected necessary binding and configuration data.


Click Connect.


Finally I selected the stored-procedure I created.


Click Ok and SqlAdapterBindingClient.cs is created. When click test on my Test client the code below is executed.

Result of execution is a xml data of employee with NationalIDNumber 20269531:


Sample I showed here is derived from Microsoft website with a lot examples for this adapter pack.


I downloaded this sample. I had fun trying it out my code and looking at the sample. I am going to try to do an example for Oracle on VM later on or after my holiday. At a customer I am doing a project now has an Oracle/Oracle eBusiness Suite present (11g), but not a suitable development unfortunately to have go with adapter pack 2.0. I therefore had to try it in my own lab.


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