Rock on

Flow of blogging posts is a bit lately. I do burst with ideas, but have not found time yet to write them out and post them. Holiday season in Holland has started I am looking for some time off. Even though there is a recession roaring around the globe I am doing two projects at the time. This weekend I had time to blow of some steam at Fortarock in Nijmegen. A metal festival with a lot of cool bands.


One of bands was Satyricon and I found some pictures on Flickr. It is just fantastic web 2.0 with sharing knowledge (technorati), music (lastfm), pictures and so on. Just with 24 hours pictures of a gig of a band you like during a festival and it’s on the web. It is just amazing what is happening on web these days and every second content is growing and growing. If you are going on a well deserved vacation any time soon like me, enjoy.