Multiple Sandboxes for Development

Some of latest posts I read where quite interesting. One is about unattended/silent install of BizTalk 2009 by Kent Weare. Some background on him can be found at Richard Seroter’s interview series on his blog. Brought back a thought of other post months ago from Thiago Almeida about syspreping VHD with BizTalk. Creating BizTalk installation on virtual machine is fun, but also complex depending on what one want to develop solutions for. Developing integration solution for Oracle demand other set of software (LOB Adapters, BizTalk Adapter Pack) than developing solution integrating Dynamics AX 2009 for instance. Having multiple sandbox’s with different set of prerequisite software helps a lot I think and using sysprep or an unattended install of BizTalk helps speedup the process. Having everything on one sandbox to develop any kind of BizTalk solution is not wise idea and a lot dependencies will make it complex. This is just a thought I like to share; comments are welcome.