HL7 Accelerator on my BizTalk Server 2009 Sandbox Machine

There is a project opportunity for me for BizTalk Server and HL7 implementation. I therefore am trying to get familiar with HL7 accelerator. There is a webcast BizTalk Light and Easy about HL7 by Mark Brimble, which was a excellent starting point for me. I have a sandbox with BizTalk Server 2009, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 installed on it (all x86). Accelerator can be found through your MSDN account (en_biztalk_server_2009_accelerators_enterprise_edition_x86_and_x64_cd_x15-48264.iso; named BizTalk Server 2009 Accelerators), if you wonder how to get your hands on it.

Start HL7

Installation is pretty straight forward, though installation has to be done with an account that is member of BizTalk Administrators Group. Below are some screenshots that matter and give you an idea what to expect.

Screen 2 HL7

Select features you want; I selected them all.

Screen 3 HL7

Account for logging service; I choose my administrator account.

Screen 4 HL7

Summary of features that are installed on my Sandbox.

Screen 5 HL7

Database for logging; here you can test connection to your database. In the end you will a have fully configured HL7 Accelerator in your Sandbox.

Screen 6 HL7

I have got my environment now setup complete and time has come to star experimenting and figure out how it works.