Awarded MVP BizTalk Server 1st July 2010

This is an exciting moment, before summer holidays will start. I have been awarded by Microsoft with 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award. I was working today and after finishing diner with the family I opened my mailbox and found the ‘Congratulations 2010 Microsoft MVP!’ email from Microsoft. I cannot describe how happy I am and how rewarding it feels to receive such an award.

I would like to thank all people at Microsoft (ones that nominated me), community members and other involved. My wife and children for enduring the long hours without me, while I was blogging, writing or participating on forums. I would dedicated this to them.

Finally I also would like to thank my former employer Inter Access (especially manager Kees Hout), dear friends Harco van Polen and Ivo Brouwer for always believing in me and supporting me for last couple of years in my career.

P.S. No logo yet as I have to wait for my logo kit.


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