Second Visit to Stockholm : BizTalk User Group Sweden

Next month I will attend the BizTalk User Group Sweden event: Top 10 Things to Know When Integrating with Line of Business Systems. Kent Weare and Richard Seroter will be coming to talk about Integrating with Line of Business Systems. They have written a book together with Thiago Almeida, Sergei Moukhnitski and Carl Darski called: Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Integrating with Line of Business Systems. In session packed with demoes they will walk through numerous key principles to follow when doing system integration like integrating BizTalk Server 2010 with SharePoint, Windows Azure, SAP and software-as-a-service providers (e.g. SalesForce). I am looking forward to these sessions and to see speakers, Johan Hedberg, Mikael Sand, Mikael HÃ¥kansson, Alan Smith and Saravana Kumar. I recommend the book if you integrating with previous named products and technologies and session if you can attend.