BizTalk Server Unleashed 2010 Kindle version on my iPad

Yesterday I have bought the BizTalk Server Unleashed 2010 Kindle Version for my iPad. Why? Well book contains a wealth of information on BizTalk Server 2010 and has 864 pages, which means is a heavy book to be carrying around. My iPad is a light device and I can have multiple books on it, so I can carry around a complete library of BizTalk and other related books (e.g. WCF) with me.


The book contains some interesting chapters like ESB, RFID, Windows Azure AppFabric and so on. Now I agree with Saravana that is not likely that you will read this book from cover to cover. I certainly have not had time yet to do so, but I have read two chapters so far. One on deployment concepts, which unfortunately does not discuss BizTalk Deployment Framework. And the chapter on ESB that gives you more background and understanding of ESB Toolkit.

Should you BUY this book? Yes you should and I will give you three reasons why:

It will be a welcome addition to other BizTalk books you have or like Sandro states in his blog post it is one of the five books you should have.

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