My year 2011 In retrospective

In this post I would like to summarize how my year 2011 went. For one it has been a very busy year. I have been writing a BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook that due March this year. It took me more than nine months to write. I have had great support from Randal van Splunteren, Richard Seroter, Saravana Kumar, Tord Gard Nordahl, Mikael Hakansson, Sandro Perreira, Rene Brauwers and Abdul Rafay. They have supported me by reviewing it, contributions and valuable advice.

That is not all I have been doing more than just writing a book. I have written 47 blog posts on this blog and some on the BizTalk Ordina blog, a lot of wiki articles, code gallery samples, articles for magazines, book reviewing, and public speaking.

I enjoyed my interview with Richard Seroter during the MVP Summit and the interview about me by Ed Price. I loved the opportunity to speak at Ordina, BizTalk User Group Netherlands and Sweden:

During 2011 I had also my debut a technical reviewer for BizTalk book. I reviewed the recently re-awarded BizTalk MVP Dan Rosanova’s book: BizTalk Patterns:

In 2011 I did some research regarding BizTalk and wrote a couple of posts on my findings:

Well and that is not all as I have been active in BizTalk forums and became moderator in February, went to my first MVP summit, got re-awarded in July, and had a great time during Windows Build. All in all it has been a fruitful year and as for 2012, hopefully you’ll see more blog posts, more wiki articles, and more presentations.

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