More Cookbooks: Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook

I myself have written a cookbook on BizTalk Server called: BizTalk Server Cookbook 2010 for Packt Publishing. Yet there is another cookbook heading our way from this publisher. Fellow MVP from the “Connected Systems” discipline Rick G. Garibay and Microsoft Architect Hammad Rajjoub have written a cookbook on Windows Server AppFabric.

Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook
This book will:
I know both Rick and Hammad, who are both very active community leaders and long time MVP’s, have done a great job. Windows Server AppFabric can be viewed as a part of the Microsoft Integration Stack together with BizTalk, SQL Server and Azure ServiceBus. Basically Windows Server AppFabric, BizTalk and SQL Server are a part of the On-premise integration middleware (see whitepaper by Gijs in ‘t Veld).

For lightweight integration Windows Server AppFabric together with WF (Windows Workflow) and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) can be a right fit within your enterprise without using the more scalable, robust BizTalk Server. I believe this book will tell you the complete story on how to use Windows Server AppFabric, how to set it up and how to create robust, and state-of-the-art solutions on it.

To conclude I think the content of this book will be very valuable for WF/WCF developer and also for us BizTalk guys. I am looking forward to this book and have pre-ordered it, so now go and you pre-order it!