BizTalk Community series: Introducing Sriram Chidambaram Narayanan

It has been a few weeks since my last post. Why, well I have been busy promoting my BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook, which was published last month. I recommend you to buy a copy (eBook and/or printed version) if you haven’t done so already. A few weeks ago, just before the book was published, I had a conversation through email with Sriram, the person who as a BizTalk community member I like to bring to the foreground now. He has recently been awarded Microsoft Community Contributor. Well done and here is his story.

Sriram Chidambaram Narayanan is 27 years old professional from Chennai located in the southern part of India (State: TamilNadu). He works as a Senior Application Architect for Computer Sciences Corporation(CSC) in Bangalore. Sriram was at Unum for 14 months in the United States and returned back to India a couple of months ago.

Sriram has a total of 6 years of BizTalk experience.He started his career with developing and gradually evolved to a role where he is designing and architecting integration solutions. During his career he started with experimenting and creating connections with BizTalk Server to different applications. More recently his interest shifted towards learning the concepts and technology behind the ESB toolkit and Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus (now renamed to Service Bus Connect). These are currently the two areas where he is focusing on.

Sriram loves the BizTalk product because I quoted:
His enthusiasm for the product shows through his contributions on the BizTalk forums (profile) and other channels. Whenever Sriram gets time outside of his regular work he will spend time on the forums. He enjoys doing this as it introduces him to different issues and solutions, which otherwise would take lots of time for him to personally explore. He also maintains a blog, where he shares his experience and knowledge or some times writes a post on issue resolutions that might help others. He also contributes to Codit's( technical blogs. To the readers of his personal blog he would like to say:

“Show love, keep learning, be strong and don’t compromise on your goals.Keep a rockin’ attitude!”

Beside blogging Sriram has recently written his first article for the TechNet Wiki.So we have another BizTalk community member as contributor.

In India, cricket is a religion and Sriram is a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar. He support his home team, Chennai Super Kings and enjoys playing tennis once and a while. Besides sports Sriram enjoys listening to music especially to A. R. Rahman. Furthermore he regularly visits his family every weekend and now and then he spends some time with his friends.

Finally Sriram has a word for me and this blog:

“Steef is a great inspiration to all new BizTalk and Integration professionals and his contributions in the forums and TechNet articles are tremendous. I would thank and appreciate Steef for all his contributions and for keeping the ball rolling.Nandri!(Thank you)”

Thanks Sriram for your time and your contributions to forums, your blog and now also the TechNet Wiki.

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