BizTalk Community Series: Introducing Jérémy Ronk

This month I will be introducing two BizTalk community members from France. Almost two weeks ago I introduced Maxime Labelle and today the story will be on Jérémy Ronk.

Jérémy is a young married man, who lives near Paris. He is an active swimmer and likes to hike in the mountains. In his spare time he does all sorts of things like studying other technologies than BizTalk such as StreamInsight, photography, gardening and woodworking.

Jérémy has been a BizTalk professional for 4 years now and January of this year he got a role as an Integration architect. As for his career he says the following:

“As far as my expertise is concerned, I have been working on each domain. I started
developing some basic artifacts, maps, orchestration... Then, I got some more interesting
issue which required me to develop a custom pipeline, create a correlation, using BAM.... My
knowledge grows up month after month about the BizTalk world. At the same time, I discovered administration tasks and optimizations.”

Jérémy continued to gain experience and became a technical leader for BizTalk development in his company. He got more involved with more design questions and infrastructure. With his latest project he was assigned an architect role and got involved in many aspects from BizTalk Server:
A final quote from Jérémy:

“To my readers of my blog, I would like to say : thank you very much reading my blog.”

I like to thank Jérémy for his time and contributions to the BizTalk Community.



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