BizTalk PaaS: Windows Azure BizTalk Services – Part III

BizTalk Services provides a great way to build hybrid solutions. It broadens the number of options you have as an architect, developer to design and build integration solution. This new service in Windows Azure offers B2B in the Cloud supporting EDI, Integration with SaaS solutions and create bridges between Line-Of-Business(LOB) systems and the Cloud through various protocols.

This service is offered in four tiers:

Note: More specific details of the tiers can be found at BizTalk Services: Developer, Basic, Standard and Premium Editions Chart.

Depending on the scenario you face within an enterprise (customer) and implementing a solution based upon BizTalk Services you will choose between basic, standard or premium. This comes with a different price tag depending if you choose pay-as-you-go or 6-12 month plan. See the pricing details. Interesting on this page if you scroll further down is the FAQ!

Further resources are the following:
In next post I will dive into tracking and tracing with BizTalk Services.



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